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We provide Infiniti alloy wheels for great low prices, without compromising on quality.
Based in Hong Kong, Infiniti is actually the luxury vehicle division of Japanese manufacturer Nissan. While Nissan is a truly global brand recognised around the world, some people don't know about their connection to Infiniti. The Infiniti brand was set up in 1989 and first produced the 1989 Infiniti Q45.
Since then, many models have been produced and the brand continued to grow through the 1990s, mainly thanks to the J30 and QX4. The Infiniti G37 Sport marked a real shift in the reputation of Infiniti thanks to its sleek and stylish looks, while the Infiniti Q50 S Hybrid is the current flagship model of the brand.

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Autostyle Wheels can provide top quality alloy wheels for Infiniti models. We have a great range of wheels that complement the looks of your car, as well as representing an affordable investment.
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