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Your new Hummer alloy wheels need to be as striking as the vehicle itself and we have plenty of wheel options available to meet your needs.
Unmistakably American, Hummer is known the world over for its trademark vehicles. They’re used by the military, in movies, in industry and even owned by the rich and famous. As far as popular culture goes, Hummer have long been successful. They were founded, like so many US manufacturers, in Detroit, Michigan.
Hummer arrived in the motor city in 1992 and quickly formed a reputation on the back of its strength and distinctive looks. The original 'Humvees' are huge, and even though the company is now defunct, they remain highly sought-after all over the world. In terms of models, there have been three Hummer cars released for general sale. They are the Hummer H1, Hummer H2 and the Hummer H3 which ended production in 2010.

Search for your vehicle's make and model to find a wide range of great value, high quality Hummer alloy wheels!

Autostyle Wheels have a range of alloy wheels for Hummer which are manufactured to the highest standards. They’re also regularly price-checked against our competitors, so they represent great value for money as well.
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