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Helping customers find the right DS alloy wheels for the best price is our passion and you’ll be spoilt for choice here on our website.
DS is a little different to most car brands featured here on Autostyle Wheels in that it is a sub-brand created by French manufacturer Citroen. DS was introduced in 2009 to represent the premium line, or standard in its line of cars.
Meaning ‘Different Spirit’ or ‘Distinctive Series’, Citroen was very much looking to create a premium brand with a modern angle when it came up with the DS moniker. It was first applied to the Citroen DS 3 but now exists across the DS 4, DS 4S, DS 5, DS 5LS, DS 6 and the DS 7 Crossback. It has also been factored in to several Citroen DS concept designs.

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Alloy wheels for Citroen CS can really help to finish the stylish look of the car off, and we carry a great choice of designs to choose from. We constantly check our prices against those of our competitors while ensuring that the high standards which we expect from our products is sustained. We believe in delivering the very best customer service, so if you have any queries, get in touch with us today.
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