Nitrogen Inflation

Nitrogen Filled Tyres

Here at Autostyle Wheels Direct we have invested in the latest technology for tyre mounting, balancing, and inflation machinery. We are proud to say that we were one of the first in the UK to offer Free Nitrogen inflation with all of our wheel and tyre packages.

What are the benefits of having Nitrogen in my tyres?

It's not about the Nitrogen. It's about reducing Oxygen, water vapour and other gases.

By reducing the percentage of Oxygen, water vapour and other gases in your tyres from 22% to 7% or lower, your tyres will maintain proper pressure longer than if you use plain old air.

For example, with 95% nitrogen in your tyres, they retain optimal pressure three to four times longer.

The three primary benefits of using Nitrogen:

  • Increased Fuel Efficiency. Correct tyre pressure keeps the manufacturer's recommended contact patch to the road. This lessens the rolling resistance and maximizes fuel efficiency.

  • Longer Tire Life. When it comes in contact with other materials, oxygen causes oxidation. Oxidation can make rubber brittle and cause it to lose tensile strength. In addition, at high temperatures and pressures, oxygen reacts and damages inner tyre liners and belt packages; Nitrogen is an inert gas and therefore does not react.

  • Increased Safety. Under-inflated tires cause 90% of blowouts. Nitrogen provides more reliable pressure for reduced blowout potential.

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